22 December 2009

Learning from "I-Ching" Part 05 2 坤 Earth - Receptive, Love

This "2 坤 Kun" hexagram represents the Earth or Mother Nature. In contrast to 1-Heaven, which is forceful, hard, invisible, 2-Earth is receptive, soft, and materinal. 1-Heaven is invisbile Energy, 2-Earth is visible mass. 1-Heaven is active, 2-Earth is reactive. Heaven represents righteous action and Earth represents love and acceptance.

Earth Hexagram is:
  1. 元 Beginning. This beginning is the start of living things on earth. It is in response to creative force of heaven.
  2. 亨 Smooth Flow - no obstruction, grow and success. The earth provides the environment for living things to grow throughout the earth.
  3. 利牝马之贞 The mother-horse constant and unending righteous behavior brings forth gains, increases and harmony.
  4. 君子有攸往,先迷后得主 Wise man started a journey, loosing his way at first until he finds a master.
  5. 利西南得朋, 东北丧朋 Finding friends in the southwest and loosing friends in the northeast.
  6. 安贞,吉 Follows the way of purity and truth will bring blessings.
    Key Moral Value is 厚德载物 Love
    The character of Earth is as thick as the earth (as deep as sea) and able to accept and carry things (people and events). Its characteristic is soft, yin, follow, obey, gentle, quiet. I think it is best to use the biblical word of "Love" to represent it. No matter how hard to pound it, it can absorb the attacks. It responses is always loving acceptance and your promotion.2-Earth does not take things into her own hands. She leave it to the 1-Heaven to take actions.

    In the Bible, the description of Love or Charity matches well this hexagram. 1Co 13:4-8  Love suffers long, and is kind; love envies not; love vaunts not itself, is not puffed up, does not behave itself rudely, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked, keeps no record of evil; Rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

    1-Heaven and 2-Earth also signifies husband and wife or more accurately Father and Mother. It is these two that give birth to other 6 hexagrams forming the 8 hexagrams. The 8 hexagrams also form a family representing 1-Heaven Father, 2-Earth Mother, 51-Thunder Eldest Son, 57-Wind Eldest Daugther, 29-Water Middle Son, 30-Fire  Middle Daugther, 52-Mountain Youngest Son, 58-Lake Youngest Daugther.

    The Stages of Growth

    Stage 1 Begin-Six: Stepping on frosts tell us that deep frozen Ice is coming soon.
    When we step on frost, we know that the winter has come and soon the whether will be very cold and ice will be formed. Before any action, we must know how to plan first. Planning involves doing situational analysis and forecasting of the future. We must be watchful of the tell-tale signs and be prepared for them. Before the big financial crisis of 2008, there were already signs of the sub-prime problems. Before the dot-com crash of the 2000, there were already many reports of the possible running out of cash of many dot-com companies. Those who do not take heeds, who think life is going to be same as before in spite of the signs, end up suffering the losses. Tell-tale signs should alert us immediately to do investigation to discover the real impacts - whether they be just a random statisical errors on the quality control charts or one that is indicative of structural changes such a change in technology, policies, tastes, trends. Be watchful, investigate and prepare for the coming impacts.

    Stage 2 Second-Six: Straight and Square is great. Don't spin it and there will be gains.
    When we are well prepared in stage 1 to face the changes, then follow the righteous way of being straight and square (honesty and integrity). Don't try to be smart and take short cuts or spin a story or try to hide. The honest way will bring increases. We can recall the tempering of Telenoid incidents in the 80s that resulted in the death of a few people in US. The immediate, open, just-in-case, actions of the supplier resulted in creating confidence and regaining of market share. In contrast, the milk-poison affair in PRC China resulted in much lost of lives and lost of confidence in PRC made products. It not only affect milk products but also other products made in China. 

    Stage 3 Third-Six: Have proven capability and good character. Can take up tasks assigned by the bosses. Don't claim credits and have good ending.
    As we faithfully performed our duties - whether bosses or people are watching or not, our consistent performance will be noticed and will be assigned important tasks from our bosses. We are not to take our own initiatives independent of our bosses. We are to to our best in those opportunities assigned. But remember to give credits to your boss and you will have good ending.

    Stage 4 Fourth-Six: Tighten our mouth and pocket and there will be no troubles and no bad reputation.
    As we progress in our career we will get to know confidential information. It is important for us to control our mouths and no showing off. We must know how to keep secrets. We should be cautious in our talk. Then there will be no troubles for us and no bad reputation. This key is not to outshine your immediate boss. This is in preparation for our future promotion to stage 5.

    Stage 5 Fifth-Six: High Position 2nd in command (2I/C). Good blessings.
    The original wording is "Yellow Skirt - Lower Garment" symbolizing the dressings of the King. Here we are promoted to departmental manager or company vice-president or the COO or the 2I/C. This The position of the CEO belongs to the 1-Heaven Stage 5. There is one boss you report to and others are reporting to you. Note that there is one person higher and you have to help him. You cannot independently take charge without consulting him or else you will end up in Stage 6 described below which is bad. Recall the moral characteristics of this hexagram is soft, follow, and gentle and loving. Serve upper and lower well and you will keep your position. 

    Stage 6 Top-Six: Dragons fighting at the wilderness. Yellow and Black bloods flow.
    At the stage, there is the description of the great fight between the dragons of the 1-Heaven and the up-start 2-Earth horse(2 I/C) transforming into a dragon. The fight is fierce and results in casualties and injuries.  Some of us are dragons and some are horses. We need to know what are our capabilties and follow our own journey. Fighting for the top position may not be right thing for you do. 

    Ultimate Stage Use-Six: Eternal Righteousness and Just is Good.
    The best position is always maintaining righteousness and justice. Everyone know their roles and positions and contribute together harmoniously accepting and respecting each other. The teaching of I-Ching is about the harmonious synergies of differences! Discover your talents and roles in life and work with others for the greater good of the community be it your family, colleagues, country and the world at large.

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