06 October 2007

Factor1 Ops Factor2

A way to help understand relationship between 2 factors is to relate them with an operator of 'Or', 'And', 'Is, 'For', 'With', 'Then' and then replace the two factors and consider again.

As example, consider the situation of improving Corporate Performance.
We have two key stakeholders (or factors) : Employees and Customers.

Let consider the following combinations with the above operators:
  • 1. Employees Or Customers
  • 2. Employees And Customers
  • 3. Employees Is/As Customers
  • 4. Employees For Customers
  • 5. Employees With Customers
  • 6. Employees Then Customers
Transposing the Factors, we get the additional new ones:
  • 7. Customers For Employees
  • 8. Customers Then Employees
1. Employees Or Customers
Which factor should be give priority to? Customers or Employees? Do we really have to choose one over the other. Could we have a situation of treating Customers above Employees and resulting in low morale for Employees ? Or could be treat employees so well that Customers interests are neglected? Could we have not have both as the below case.

2. Employees And Customers
Happy Employees make Happy Customers .

3. Employees As Customers
The internal employee of other division or department of the company that we serve is our internal Customers. We should serve them as we would serve external customers. It is important that we serve them well that so that they can serve the external customers better.

4. Employees For Customers
All employees should have attitudes that customers come 1st. Employees exist to serve Customers.

5. Employees With Customers
When it comes to decision makings, Employees should take the stand with Customers and seeing the needs and values from the Customers' view point.

6. Employees Then Customers
We, management, must serve our Employees 1st so that they in turn can serve the Customers.

7. Customers For Employees
Satisfied and Delighted Customers would like to support the Employees that serve them. They write commendation letters to the company to praise them. Customers are not just demanding without end. They also appreciate good services.

8. Customers Then Employees
What issues should we put Customers 1st before our Employees? e.g. Opening Hours - Employees work at a time that the Customers want to come to shop.

Now, we can try it for other things. Consider Relationship vs Performance, Faith vs Work etc.
I hope it helps you get clarify and better understanding.

Another frequently used thinking method is 2x2 Matrix. All Consultants are proficient with it. We will cover them in the next post.

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