22 May 2014

The Power of Void - Emptiness is Useful said Lao Zi in DaoDeJing 11

We spend most of our time inventing things. But we fail to realise that most of the inventions is to create empty space to contain things. It is the void created that makes the invention useful. Lao Zi discovered the power of the void 2500 years ago and gave us 3 uses of void! Namely, to reduce weight without reducing strength, to hold things and to allow free flow. However, void by itself is useless. It is always complementary structure and void together that make the whole useful and pleasing.

Below is the mind-map for Dao De Jing Chapter 11 and its teaching.
More details on the Systematic Innovation Method BVITS mentioned can be found at BVITS Overview.

Void in the Mind and Heart:
Void needs not be just physical. Consider void in time. You make need to take rest from your work. You may need to give your mind a rest. Consider void in our ambition. You may need to stop or take a step backward. The shortest path may not be the right path. You may need to enlarge your heart and mind so as to contain more diversity. Some of us may need to empty our ego or pride a little bit more. We make need to be less self-centred ... emptying of self.

One More thing ... How can we Apply what we learn?
For the issue that you may be thinking, consider creating void or space. It may be the answer you are looking for. You may want to take away some thing, create the walls to contain something, considering what is the something you want to put in, or just make openings to allow free flow or for entrance and exit. Please share we us if you find the answer you need.

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