20 May 2014

Stress Comes from Resisting the Way of Dao (DaoDeJing 9)

Stress and troubles come from going against the natural Way (Dao) of creation. All things, including human beings are created for a purpose and with special operating instructions. Going against the operating instructions will create stress and leads to malfunction. If you want a happy and long life, you need to follow the Way. Here in Dao De Jing, Lao Zi gives us 5 lessons on saving our energy and enjoy the good life that we are created for.
Dao De Jing Chapter 9 is captured in the Mind-map below together with the lessons that we can learn from it:
Challenges that we can manage and cope with do not produce stress for us but rather build us up. Those needful challenges are not stress but rather exercises that keep us healthy. Challenges that overwhelm us where we don't know what to do, what to expect, and cause us to worry and depressed are the real bad stress that cause us sickness and even death.

We can use the above map and lessons as a checklist to examine our lives. For those areas that we are stressed about we need to dig futher to understand where and how we have violate the natural order or natural laws. If we are so busy working and working, neglecting our family and health, we need to take a break and find the real reasons behind our workaholics problem. What are behind the forces that cause us not to lead a balanced and accoutable life. What are our concerns, fears, and even greed for glory and money. Are we too proud to learn from others? Are we abusing or misuing others for our selfish gains? What do we really want in life? What does success mean to us? What should I be doing in this phase of my life? Have I overstayed my usefulness?

Remeber Lao Zi shows us that the Way is about sharing and serving quietly without fighting for credits or gains. Such teaching may seem to go against our common wisdom but we may need to question our common wisdom. Have a rethink to see how we can follow the Way.

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Lim Liat (c) 20 May 2014

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