21 September 2023

China-US Technology Conflicts from the Views of Art of War and Art of Alliance

 Why the US fail to kill Huawei

Huawei Breakthrough the US Sanctions
  • Huawei Mate60 Pro
    • After 1566 days of sanctions

      Chip Supply Chain cut off: design, manufacturing, fabs, hardware, software tools.

    • no android updates
    • no TSMC fab chips
    • no Qualcomm 5G chips
    • No chip raw materials
    • no EDA tools
    • no ASML machines
    • etc...
    • Kirin 9000S chip 7nm n+1
    • Satellite Communications voice and text
    • 5G+ speed
  • And more
    • Nearlink replaces Bluetooth
      • Huawei Nearlink has the advantages of 60% lower power consumption, 6 times higher speed, 1/30 delay, twice the distance, and 10 times higher number of network connections.
    • Matex5
    • Mate60 Pro +
    • MatePad Pro 13.2
              Know Others Know Self

              Our strength or weakness is measured against our competitors and the external markets; not based on our subjective inside-out view.

              • US's Error
                • An inside-out self-opinionated view instead of an outside-in objective view of reality
                • Arrogance
                  • They could not do it by themselves, they must have stolen from us
                  • There must be loopholes in our sanctions
              • China
                • RenZengFei Speech.png
                  • Apple has been a teacher to Huawei.

                    Huawei is learning from competitors.

                    The US Gov is sanctioning to kill Huawei.

                    Sanction is limited. Learning and innovation are unlimited.

                  • U.S. sanctions are both pressure and motivation.

                    Huawei said US sanctions united the staff.

                    Gave them a motive to fight for survival.

                  • + "We must use a spirit of hard work to build the next 30 years so that no one dares to bully us anymore.

                    Huawei is fighting for its life.

                    This is how the Vietcong won against the US despite the US having better and more weapons. Vietcong were fighting for survival, the US soldiers trying to stay alive for a year before going back,

                  • + Before the suppression by the United States, Huawei established its foundational platform in the United States. Now, Huawei has largely adopted its own platform. In the future, it may not necessarily run on the same foundation as the American platform, but interoperability is certain."

                    Huawei's strategy is to work with others if possible to make a bigger cake.

              Ride on the Seasons & Terrains
              • 5 Fundamentals Of Leadership S Sinek

                Finite Games vs. Infinite Games

                • Huawei is taking the infinite view to stay in the game forever.
                • The US Govt and maybe Apple are going to win in the short-term finite games. But the real world is an infinite game.

              • Ray Dalio New World Order - China is rising to replace the declining US

                • The solution for the US is obvious in their famous saying, "If you can't beat them, join them."
              Alliance & Open+Close
              • China
                • Alliance of the Chip Industries & universities & research institutions
              • US
                • +Holland, Japan, Korea
                • From a Global Supply chain to a US-dominated Supply Chain using sanctions against outsiders and incentives to move to the US

                  restrictions have limits vs. growth, innovation has no limits

              Culture of FIghting & Sacrificing for Survival
              • Wall Pictures in Huawei's Staff Dining
                • Huawei photo1.png

                • Huawei photo2.png
                  •  "My greatest wish in this lifetime is to prostrate myself on the ground and wipe away the shame from our motherland."
                • Huawei photo3.png
                • Ren ZhengFei's Office Desk
              • Huawei Talents Management. mm

              The Mind map:

              Lim Liat (c) 16-9-23

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