28 January 2022

More than Mere New Year Wishes - Know How to Achieve Your Wishes

 New Year wishes are good. They encourage us and give us hope and optimism. We need such in these pandemic years. However, we need more than just wishes to realize our wishes. We need the know-how and the will to accomplish them.  

Here is my New Year's blessing for all in 2022:

Wishing all a tiger leap forward in health, peace, vitality, and prosperity.

Let's begin by taking out the bad food, 
combining aspiration with contentment,
dividing our time wisely, 
outsourcing our weaknesses, 
adopting healthy habits, 
multiplying our giving, 
relating to the neglected, 
irregularizing to break out from our routine & comfort zone, 
intensifying the good work, 
inverting harms to benefits, 
and dropping in our mind the wisdom of others.

I have applied my systematic innovating thinking method BVITS into how we can make for a better 2022.  For more details on the method, please see BVITS Overview.

May your wishes in 2022 come true.

Lim Liat (c) 28-1-2022

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