30 April 2013

The Multi-Brains Whole-Man Thinking Framework for Success in a VUCAD World.

In this VUCAD world, one brain may not be enough yet there are still people who identify themselves either a left-brain or a right-brain thinker. In order to cope successfully, we need a Multi-Brains with Whole-Man model thinking framework. Here are the details....
VUCAD stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and deception. It is a good description of today world. For more, see Wisdom for Success in a 21st Century VUCA World. Making sense of this world overloaded with information, some true, some lies, some are conjectures, some are opinions are already very difficult. Yet, the speed of change requires us to learn fast and to make a decision quickly. If you feel that one brain is just not enough you are not alone.  However, there are people who after reading about the left-brain and right-brain functions restrict themselves even further by positioning themselves either as a left-brain or right-brain thinking. That is a very wrong thing to do. If left and right brains are already not enough, why restrict oneself to either. What we need is to further augment and extend our brain with digital brain. After all, the main culprit for all these information overloading is due to digital technology. We can rely on the computer to be our extended memory as data base and knowledge base, and our our artificial intelligence with the programming. Finally, we need to go one-step further, that is to tap into the brains of others and forming the Brain in the Internet Cloud, the Cloud-Brain. This Multi-Brain concept of Left, Right, Digital and Cloud Collaborative Brain is shown in the mind-map below.

Brain, thinking and mindset is just one part of a whole-man. A whole man have body, a mind and a heart. A person may know the right thing to do but without engaging the heart, there is a lack of motivation and will to really do the right thing. Many smokers know the dangers of smoking and yet still indulge in it. Many know the benefits of exercise and yet many still not exercising. Behavioral Economics teaches us that our decision may not always be rational in economic terms. Yet, the irrationality is predictable! There are biases and stereo-types in our mind too. Any thinking model and framework must address this Whole-man concept.

The Mind Map:

Once we have this multi-brain whole-man model, we can know what are the thinking methods, software, network infrastructure, and most importantly, our network of friends with which we can discuss, consult and integrate their information, knowledge and wisdom and bring them into our problem solving, decision making and innovation needs.

Many of such techniques like mind-mapping, concept mapping, the wisdom and thought processes of the Ancient Chinese, thinking biases, etc etc are addressed in this blog. Hope you find them useful.

Remember not to label yourself as a left or right brain thinker anymore, but go into the mindset of Multi-Brains Whole-Man thinking so that you can be more effective and successful.

As a start, learn to use mind-map to re-organize the knowledge that you learned. Use it as a knowledge base where new learning can be added. See The What and How of Mind Mapping Series:
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Lim Liat (c) 30 Apr 2013

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