26 June 2014

Genesis - The Origin & Four Greats by Lao Zi in DaoDeJing 25

The Origin of and the Answer for man. In DaoDeJing Chapter 25, Lao Zi tells the origin of man, earth, heaven and the Way(Dao). It all begins with the great 'I AM'. Lao Zi's account is extremely similar to the account of the Bible as recorded in the book of Genesis. He also provides the answer for how man should live on earth.
I find DaoDeJing Chapter 25 account of the origin very similar to the Biblical account. Hence, I put them together show them in the mind-map below for your consideration:

Putting the 4 greats in order, we can see that the "I AM" (The beginning and ending) God create the Order of the Way of operation of creation, then the universe (heaven), then the earth (as a star of the universe) and then when all is ready for living, the man. The solution then for the problems of life is for man to follow the ways of nature, universe and the Way of God.

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