22 March 2012

Success Principles from Li Ka Shing Quotes

Li Ka Shing needs little introduction. You can also find his quotes by doing a google on him. But the better ones are in Chinese. So here is attempt to collect, translate, re-organize and rephrased the quotes that I found on the internet.

First Things First
Let me first begin by sharing what he said about the right sequence of things. Success also begins with one personal character. So here is the 1st mind-map that I recommend to all young people.

From Starting a Business to Having a Successful Life.
Here is a more complete mind-map on Entrepreneurship and a Successful Life. Enjoy and benefit from it.

Integrated Success Principles:
Comparing it with Others like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lao Zi and even the Bible. Here is version 7 of Integrated Success Principles:

Lim Liat (C) 22 March 2012

update 20 Dec 2012 - Socializing and Networking added with advice from Zeng Shi Qiang.

For the latest version of this map, see

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