26 March 2016

A Happy Long Life is as Simple as 123 - DaoDeJing 44

What is the secret for a long and happy life? A happy and long life is as simple as 123. First is to know the true values. Second is to be contented and the third of long life comes automatically from a stress-free and satisfied mindset. Lao Zi tells us in DaoDeJing 44, it is contentment and not your fame, nor your wealth and nor your achievements.
Do you know the greatest cause of our stress and unhappiness is something that we don't even want to acknowledge? It is called greed. But we don't think so right?

See the answer from Lao Zi.

Here is Lao Zi's Dao De Jing Chapter 44:

1 名与身孰亲?
Your fame versus your life, which is dearer to you?

2 身与货孰多?
Your life versus your possessions, which matter more to you?

3 得与亡孰病?
Gain/Profits versus death, which is more harmful to you?

4 是故甚爱必大费,多藏必厚亡。
Hence, the greater the desire, the greater the expense.
Greater hoarding will lead to a greater loss.

5 知足不辱,知止不殆,可以长久!
Contentment will bring no shame.
Stopping in time will bring no disaster.
Therefore, you can live a long long time.

The basic cause of our unhappiness, stress, suffering and eventually early death is our greed. We want to have more and more. We want to have the happiness and the life of others. We thought if only we can be like them, owning such big houses, sporty cars, fat salaries etc, then we will be happy. But the greed in us caused us to burn our health, break our relationships, and so some, even through illegal and evil means, to gain those fleeting things. Yet, true happiness and satisfaction can only be found in ourselves knowing our limits and be content with what we already have.

So, we just need to follow the 123 steps:

  1.  Know the True Values - verse 1-4. It is not fame, possessions, nor gains/profits.
  2.  Be contented with what are the true values you have. e.g. life, mind, good relationships, good character.
  3. Long life comes automatically with a stress-free and contented lifestyles.
The call from Lao Zi is loud and clear, put a stop now to all such vain-glory pursues and we can live longer.

Lim Liat (c) 26-3-16 / Updated 24-11-16

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