11 July 2012

HTC Internet Browser is Better than Samsung?

If you are undecided about Samsung and HTC, perhaps HTC's internet browser may help you pick HTC over Samsung. HTC's browser allows you create and edit Blogspot text and more ...
[Warning] today, 23 Sep 2012, I tried again the HTC One-X browser, it did NOT work as before. I'm not sure why. So try this first on the HTC to see if this work.] 

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 about 1.5 year ago. I found out very quickly that I cannot use the standard browser to update or create any post on my Blogspot. I do a search on google and found out that it is indeed so. There are even apps written for us to do some simple create post job. Since we are all running Androids, I did not check this feature on other Android phones.

Recently, I bought a HTC One-X for my daughter. In playing around with the One-X, I was very surprised to discover that the HTC internet browser allowed me to create and edit my Blogspot posts. The browser behaves like my PC chrome browser.

One more thing, the Search widget that I had on my Blogspot posts does not work when I try in on my Samsung Galaxy Tab browser. It will return no documents found. However, it works well on the HTC One-X browser. In short, the HTC browser works exactly like my PC browser.

Even more interesting is that when I enlarge the page frame in the HTC browser, the text will enlarged automatically to fit the frame nicely. I don't have to pan around to read all the text.

My Galaxy Tab android is 2.3.1. So I borrowed my sister Samsung Notes to try out. Samsung Notes is using Android 4.0. However, there is not improvement in the 4.0 browser. I cannot create or edit blogspot posts and the search widget for the posts do not work either.

I still think this is strange since all are Android based.

Appreciate if you can try the above features, ability to create and edit Blogspot posts, on your Android phones and share the result.

If this is true, perhaps this may tip the your preference toward HTC if such features are important to you.

For the time being, I have to go back to my PC to do any creation and updating of Blogspot posts.

BTW, my wife iPhone 4 safari browser does not allow me to create or edit Blogspot posts too.

If you know how to set up the iPhone or Android that allow creation and editing of Blogspot posts, please use the comment to show me how. Thanks in advance.

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