30 November 2011

Map Your Way to Greater Success from the Keys of the Super-Rich

A friend shared on FaceBook on the article "Who Wants to be a Billionaire? 20 Keys to Success from the Superrich". It is a good list of wisdom with a few problems:
  1. 20 is a long list of things to remember and recall.
  2. Some of the items mentioned are very similar and are better to be grouped together to shorten the list.
This is a good example for mind-mapping. It explains why some playful students can out perform the hardworking students in examinations. Those playful but really smart students do one thing that the other so called 'hardworking' students do not do. The smart ones spend some effort in re-organizing the information obtained. This extra time and effort of reflection helps in truly understanding a subject matter. With such a map of organized concepts, we can easily add on new concepts and can even be used to predict and innovate new concepts.

The two key steps to do are:
  1. Group the facts/concepts.
  2. Give your own title, a few key words, to capture the meaning of the long sentences.
Here is a first draft of the Success Map: 

I leave the original 20 keys in the map so that you can see how the map is developed. It can be much smaller by replacing the original text with taglines.

As a final exercise of real learning, try to integrate the map above to this one, The Integrated Success Principles Version 6, compiled from similar sayings of the great and successful men like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Stephen Covey etc.

Lim Liat (c) Nov 2011

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