19 November 2011

The Codes of Conduct for Young People

The Good Conduct and How to Live Well.
Someone in my class reminded me of such a primary teaching book on Good Conduct. 5 Key Points. Know how to behave well first and learn about science and others when there is time left!

弟子规 圣人训
1 首孝弟 2 次谨信
3 泛爱众 4 而亲仁
5 有余力 则学文

The Conduct for the Young Ones - Teachings of the Saints

1. First is love the younger and respect the older starting from family and extending to the friends and people we meet.
2. Second is doing things with carefulness and integrity.
3. Third is to love all people.
4. Fourth is to befriend those people with kindness and compassion.
5. After the above and still have energy, then study other skills.

For the full text and English translation, see http://www.tsoidug.org/dizigui_trans_comp.php.

Just read the above is enough. The remaining texts are just exposition on the above 5 points.

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