11 November 2016

Dao is Giving and Forgiving - Good to Great - DaoDeJing 62

Who is a good man? A good man gives. But it is not enough. He must also forgive. Forgive is about giving even when betrayed! Such a quality of giving and forgiving is to be highly honor said Lao Zi in DaoDeJing 62.
DaoDeJing Chapter 62 Text and Translation

Dao is the mystery of all things.

It is the treasure of the good men. It is also the desire of not good men.

Good words bring honor to many people. Good behaviors are the examples for others to follow.

When people are not good, why abandon them?

Hence we support a king, establish three prime ministers, and we have jades, speedy stallions to honor them. But all these are not comparable to those that follow Dao.

Since ancient times, this Dao has been honored. Why?

Does not it says, "Ask first to receive.  If there by any sin, it will be forgiven." Hence it is most honored in the world.

Good to Great
Giving to people with needs is good. Great is forgiving the sins and betrayals of those very people that received your help. That is the attribute of Dao. It seems impossible and ridiculous. It is mysterious and deep said Lao Zi.

Systems to Ensure Goodness
Men are wise. They set up systems to ensure the right and good things are done. They have rewards and honors for those who do. But such as external motivations. Drive 2.0 of Daniel Pink. Lao Zi tells us to go for Drive 3.0 of internal motivation and more Drive 4.0 (not in Daniel Pink's book) of having Dao within - to give and also to forgive the wrongs done to us.

Forgiving is Not Easy
Forgive is very difficult. Our nature wants to take revenge; to vindicate us from the injury and hurt done to us. But forgiving is the act of the greater one. Lao Zi tells us just forgive without telling us the why and how. Here is the teaching of forgiveness from the Bible. See Everything You Need to Know About Forgiveness

If you want to be great, then do good and to forgive.

Lim Liat (c) 11 Nov 2016

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