09 July 2014

How Wise Are You? Lao Zi can tell in DaoDeJing 27

Can wisdom be measured? Lao Zi thought so and gave some very high standards in DaoDeJing 27.  It is about perfection without traces, zeor defects and 100% people being taken of, including the good and the bad people. Wisdom is ever learning and teaching others all the time. It contains the elements of love to care for all and also to do them quietly without seeking any glory. People who claim they are wise and yet not helping others are still in darkness. Dare to challenge yourself and see if you measure up by looking at the mind-map below:

DaoDeJing 道德经 27:

I have included wisdom from Confucius and Jesus Christ that have similar sayings in the above mind-map. Lao Zi said that any good work should leave no trace for people to praise you. Jesus said that we should not let the even the other hand know what one hand is doing! Confucius' famous saying on love includes the part to help others too, when one is able. It is like Jesus saying do unto others what you like others do unto you. Lao Zi said that love should be included in true wisdom. Wisdom without love is still blur! People who are self-centred and without concern for others are actually not wise.

Hope you gain some lessons from this teaching like I did as shown in the mind-map.

Have a good and meaningful day with showing some concern for those around you.

Lim Liat (c) 9 July 2014

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